Monday, November 5, 2007

Enjoying Autumn (while it lasts)

On Saturday, I went to Jongmyo Shrine in Seoul. The actual buildings of the shrine (where ancient royalty were buried after they died) wasn't that interesting, especially when the big red rectangles had to compete with the adjoining park and lake. I was so glad I went because I got to enjoy possibly the last decently warm day of autumn and all the colorful leaves of so many trees. It didn't feel like I was in Seoul or Korea anymore. Sadly though, the warmness is quickly disappearing and soon all the colors will give way to the cold, bland gray of winter.

A lot of other people in Seoul also wanted to enjoy the beauty and quiet of the shrine grounds. It was a refuge from the crowded noiseness and cookie-cutter construction of the city.
Of course everyone enjoyed it in their own way. For example, here are the old and the young.

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