Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Korean Style

Peter and Mandie, aka Adam and Eve, hosted a Halloween party at their new apartment. Since Halloween is not extensively celebrated in Korea, we were forced to be creative with our costumes instead of just making a quick trip to a party store. Below are some of the results.
Neil and Annette are a golf couple, all items including hat, glasses, red sequin bowties, pajama pants, argyle socks, and childrens' plastic golf clubs are courtesy of the local Lotte Mart.
Sarah was cloudy with a chance of showers and MJ was a librarian.
Grant the boxer is knocking out Jonny the basketball player in a battle of sportsmanship.
I drew inspiration from Korea and went as a Lotte Mart girl. Look at the Chuseok post for further information and pictures of the actual girls in action. Briefly, girls dress up in these white socks and matching skirts and jackets and pass out samples of coffee and promote new products. Everyone remarked on how clever and cute my costume was. I'll have to wait until Wednesday to see how my students will react.

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