Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DMZ Not so Serious

The DMZ is a strange place to visit. It has become a major tourist attraction and with that, all the cheeseness one would expect to find at a major tourist site. It feels as if someone was sitting in their office thinking, "You know, we have all this land that we can't do anything with. Hmm....I know, let's make it a tourist site. Yeah, that's a great idea. We have nothing else better to do with this land."
This is a diorama of a "peaceful" DMZ complete with beautiful flowers and figurines of ducks and deer enjoying the natural undisturbed beauty of the DMZ. In a documentary, a butterfly flew over the green fields of the DMZ and trees, flowers, and park benches sprung up out of the ground as if the DMZ is a place to enjoy a Saturday afternoon picnic with your friends. This same documentary called the DMZ "a symbol of peace" that appearantly needs to be guarded by lots of barbed wire and soldiers.
Jonny having fun at the empty Dorasan train station.
The amusement park adjacent to Imjingak, the farthest north you can go without crossing the civilian control line.
A row of tour buses in the parking lot of Imjingak.
Everything is an animation character in Asia, including soldiers.

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