Monday, August 6, 2007


Question of the day conversation in my Special 5 & 6 class (practically fluent 12 year old Korean kids, 1 even speaks with a British accent because she lived in England for a year) about what did you eat for breakfast.
Samsung: Rice and (looking up word on electronic dictionary) anchovies
Me: Anchovies?
Samsung: Yes, stir fried with almond
Me: Okay
Diana: What are anchovies?
Me: Small fish that come in a can (demonstrating with my fingers)
Diana: Aha, okay. I had anchovies for breakfast too
Me: Really?
Diana: Yes, they are good
Me: (trying to conceal my gagging at the thought of eating anchovies anytime, yet alone early in the morning) You know, in the US, people put anchovies on pizza
Diana: Eeewww! Gross!
Me: (trying not to laugh) Yeah, I think so too

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