Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I will not miss this

I think I was important, because the speak one more language
than I talk many of speak language people and than
I spoke very many people,
and I want to going england I examination my self.
and it was fantastic of speaking many .language
first the speaking many language, and than the
person is speaking many of the people the
one person is saying korean and english
than this person is speaking korea people, and
english people.
second speaking more than one language
and than the people are think that person is
very smart, because this person is speaking
two language.
last it was very good of speaking two language
because the speaking two language
was memory ability rising.

This is a student essay directly copied & pasted from the school's website where the students upload their essays & I have to mark them. There are some things I will not miss when I go back home. One of those things is student essays. I will not miss all the hours I've spent at my computer in the morning, during prep time at school, and at night grading essays. I will not miss having to try to make sense of something like this at 12:30 a.m. I will not miss continually trying to come up with new essay topics that will not bore me after I've read the fourth student's essay. I will not miss all the highlighting and clicking. I will not miss the poorly designed grading program I have to use. I will not miss student essays.

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