Sunday, September 2, 2007


Harajuku is the crazy and trendy fashion area of Japan. Remember the Gwen Stefani song, "From the hood to Japan, Harajuku girls"? There's a reason why she mentions Harajuku in her song. It is a place to be yourself and dress however you want to because anything goes there. Amber & Sarah under the mermaid gate leading to the main shopping street.
Girls in their school uniforms checking out a wall of t-shirts.
A Japanese guy, his friend dressed in a red prom dress, and me.
When you dress like this, you're a walking invitation for getting stopped and having your picture taken.
A lot of thought goes into these costumes - see how the skirt, socks, and shoes all complement each other.
When you get tired of walking around, you can sit and eat ice cream while still getting all the attention you would ever want.
I can only wonder what this woman thinks of her teenage daughter's clothes and of being seen out in public with her.

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