Sunday, July 22, 2007

Long Version Jeju-do

Rocky beach on U-do.
Boat I saw waiting for the ferry to take us to U-do.
A rocky beach near the waterfall. The island was formed by a volcano that is still in the middle of the island.
Matt and Jonny posing with their rented surfboards, two very cool and fun guys.
Me with Mandie and Sharon, my old friend and new friend.

I had a great time on Jeju. Coming from the midwest, I appreciate any time that I can be near a beach and the ocean and getting to spend an entire day at the beach is just wonderful. Besides the beach, we went to 2 different waterfalls, a lava cave which was dark and cold, and another smaller island called U-do (do means island in Korean) where I rented scooters with the guys and drove around the island on its 1 lane main road. And then it was back to school and teaching like always. Some of us returned with a tan, some of us returned with a mild sunburn, and one of us returned with a broken toe.
Overall, it was the best way to celebrate my 6 months anniversary in Korea, especially with a great group of people who I feel lucky to work with and be friends with. We had some adventures on the island and I am glad that these were the people I can share the memories with. I remember hearing an old quote that's goes, "No matter where you are in the world, it's your friends that make the difference," and that is definitely true whether I am in the US or in Korea or anywhere else.

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