Sunday, March 4, 2007

I never thought I would do this...

...but I found that I am just too lazy to try to keep sending out emails to lots of people writing the same thing over and over again when i could just do something like this and let everyone know everything all at the same time. someone suggested this to me before i left but i just kind of laughed at the idea. now i realize maybe there was some wisdom there that i ignored.

anyway, the best place to start is my apartment. as you can tell from the pictures, it's small. but hey, it's all mine and i don't have to pay for it. no complaints there.

so that is the grand tour of my study, living room, kitchen, and bedroom all conveniently located within about 5 feet of each other in a space as big as my brother's bedroom.
my building is nice though and much smaller than all the 20+ story apartment buildings all over my neighborhood like this "blue apartment complex" that i walk thorough every day on the way to school.
you would think that it would be really difficult to move furniture in and out of these apartments, but it's actually quite easy. each apartment has a big window that can basically be completely opened. then, the moving truck actually has a crane & platform kind of thing. so, the window is opened; furniture and boxes are placed onto the platform; the crane takes it directly up to the apartment where it is unloaded and then sent back down for another load. it can be kind of fun to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Amy - how cool! i think it's a great idea. we can leave you comments & you can keep us "posted"

i love this idea!

and your "apartment" is so cute.