Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some more from Tokyo

Here are some pictures from Tokyo. Tokyo is this amazing city - so big but composed of such unique districts that it never feels completely overwhelming. Only 2 full days in Tokyo wasn't nearly enough time to explore all of it, but I feel I got a good sampling in a short amount of time. All it means is that I have to go back to see some more.
The shopping avenue of Ginza
Amber (the gymnast) and me (the dancer) posing in Ginza
Old Japan meets New Japan - a grandmother in a kimono talking on her cell phone
Sarah & I at Senso-ji Temple
Water to wash your hands and face
Fortune telling - there are sticks in the metal canister, you shake it until one of the sticks comes out, then you find the drawer that matches the stick, inside the drawer are pieces of paper with fortunes on them

The streets of Shinjuku at night

Amber & Sarah trying to win a stuffed animation character
Some Japanese girls trying to win candy
Rocking out on the street outside the station - but this guy means business, he brought his own fans with him

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