Thursday, July 5, 2007


Ricky is one of the students in my H4 class (middle school, high level). He is a very studious boy who was very shy and nervous at first, but now has grown more comfortable and chatty. He is very intelligent in an awkward bookworm kind of way. I am particularly impressed with his writing. He has a unique ability to express himself in English as shown by the following examples.

-On describing a funny event that had occured in his life, "When I come back to home, I tread on droppings of dogs. I was very tired and sad."
-On explaining what he would do if he was a teacher at our school, "Of course teachers have many weak points. For example. If students don't listen teacher's words, then teacher has many stressful and can die early."

It is quotes like those that make marking up to 200 student essays a month somewhat more enjoyable.

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