Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Night Festival

The normally dead-quiet apartment complex that we walk through on our way home after school has been transformed the past 2 nights into a night market full of life, colors, sounds, and smells. It reminds me of a small town festival from back home - adults sitting on plastic chairs around folding tables catching up with old friends, children running around with each other until way past their bed time, couples slowly wandering hand in hand. The main street was lined with bright tents housing merchants selling everything from traditional carved name stamps to knock off Nike tshirts. You could eat an assortment of Korean treats, from pieces of barbeque chicken on a stick to a warm waffle with lemon flavored honey and whipped cream spread on it.

A little karoake action
Baskets of tomatoes and some kind of Asian lemon/melon
Can you hear me now? Bags of various puffed rice snacks

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