Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sarah & I made great travel buddies in Cambodia. We both shared the same spirit of wanting to make the most of our limited time and make the best out of any situtation. Most importantly, we both shared the same sense of humor. I can honestly say that I have never laughed so much and so hard as I did in the four days we spent together. A great deal of the laughter stemmed from taking creative pictures instead of the same boring photos over and over. One way to ensure a unique shot is to jump. Here are some of the best and the not so good jumping pictures we took all over Angkor Wat.

Sarah shows how to get some height. It's all about kicking those feet upwards to the sky.

Smiling makes any jump that much better. How you could not have fun when you're jumping in the middle of an ancient temple?
Almost at peak jump, it's really hard to get the timing right. The jumper and the photographer have to work carefully together to coordinate for an optimal shot with maximum air. It's not as easy as it looks for either person involved.
Flying through the air like a spider monkey or some other weird creature. Notice the figures in blue in the background. They are two Cambodian women on a break from cleaning. Needless to say, the sight of two foreign girls jumping off the ruins and taking pictures was quite entertaining for them. I'm pretty sure we were the highlight of work for them that day.

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